Gallery: Positive Results on all Levels
© Die Gallery fand vom 27. Januar bis 29. Januar 2018 auf dem Areal Böhler statt. Die Order-Plattform war mit mehr als 800 Kollektionen, die die neuesten Trends für die Saison Herbst/Winter 2018/2019 präsentierten, ausgebucht. Die Gallery war während der Ordertage Anlaufstelle für internationale Premium Brands und Agenturen, Contemporary, Avantgarde und Design Fashion, Accessoires sowie HAKA-Mode. The Gallery took place from 29 January up to 29 January 2018 at Areal Böhler. The order platform was fully booked with more than 800 collections that presented the latest trends for the autumn/winter season 2018/2019. Gallery was the meeting point for international premium brands and agencies, contemporary, avant-garde and design fashion, accessoires as well as menswear.

Gallery: Positive Results on all Levels

Darüber hinaus steht Gallery für das Segment Avantgarde mit starken Designern und Identitäten, die in dieser Dichte im mitteleuropäischen Raum auf keiner anderen Messe zu finden sind. Insgesamt ein spannender Mix aus Premiumbrands und Agenturen, Avantgardisten und Designkollektionen, Contemporary Brands, Schuhen und Accessoires sowie Evening und Occasion.

The PREMIUM & AGENCIES area attracted the biggest increase in exhibitors. Strong growth of the agency business in the ‘Alte Schmiedehallen’, ‘Halle am Wasserturm’ and ‘Kesselhaus’ meant a rise in the number of represented sales agencies to 27, and therefore a growth of 35%. The number of agencies, such as 22 fashion agency, Alpha Studio/Franco Rossi, Altea/Ralf Klüver, Celine Klauser, Die Hinterhofagentur, D-tails, Feldges & Heidt, Gabi Heininger, Modeagentur Schiess, Moderaum Fischer, Pegaso and The Last of the True/Stefan Kudla, who are using the order base as a temporary showroom for up to nine days on either side of the tradeshow, is increasing with every edition.

“We are concluding the current edition of Gallery with positive results on all levels. The upscale segment in particular has risen noticeably on both a national and international level. For distribution agencies, Gallery has become an unmissable date in the diary. And not only because our showroom concept guarantees a presence at the Areal Böhler of up to nine days on either side of the tradeshow dates. We are also delighted to see that more and more shoes and accessories brands are exhibiting at Gallery in addition to Gallery SHOES. These are fast-paced developments, which after a total of meanwhile 12 seasons saw a total of 800 international brands from around 25 countries showcased at Gallery. This will continue to be the course for Gallery and Düsseldorf as a trade fair location in the future: After all, we are retaining our importance as the Gallery order platform and tradeshow location of Düsseldorf despite the changes facing the industry, the generally strong market trend and an international/national marketplace shift. And we will even continue to gain in importance! Düsseldorf remains the number one ordering location, for which practical, efficient and mutually beneficial ordering, now also supported by the Fashion Net app, has the utmost priority,” sums up Ulrike Kähler, Project Director of Gallery & Gallery SHOES and since January 2018 also the newly appointed Managing Director of trade fair organiser Igedo Company. “And the feedback from exhibitors of the Showroom@Kesselhaus, including Hannes Roether, Luis Trenker, Agentur Wunschnaht, Agentur Another Souveniers, Alexandra Schiess or agents from the ateliers who are already using the location as a showroom for the second time now, was more than positive and they have already confirmed their attendance at the upcoming season’s event!”

In addition, Gallery stands for the avant-garde segment with strong designers and identities that cannot be found in this density at any other trade fair in Central Europe. Overall it was an exciting mix of premium brands and agencies, avantgarde design collections, contemporary brands, shoes and accessories, as well as evening and occasionwear.