"From Entertainment to Escapism - the Current Psychology of Consumerism" was the overarching topic of DMI Fashion Day to which Gerd Müller-Thomkins, director of Deutsches Mode Institut, welcomed the numerous representatives of the fashion industry and more.

Zeitgeist, materials, market analyses, and fashion trends of womenswear and menswear for the season spring/summer 2019 were the centre of attention of the newly structured event.

The newest information and visual impressions of specialised speakers of the DMI trend board were complemented by ppanel discussions and speeches of special guests - with insightful analyses of what moves the trade and how we need to prepare for a successful future.

To be really new, the concept needs to be turned upside down.

On the example hipster it emerges that looks that are the same all over the world have become boring. "We are experiencing a revolution in fashion" - a social phenomenon behind which a "global, cultural war class struggle" is hidden, says zeitgest speaker Carl Tillessen. The image of the hipster with its creative influence is shaken, so-called nouveau riches - sports and pop stars - are recognised as models and identification figueres of a new beauty images. "All this is quickened by the booming, hip hop-inspired streetwear trend."

„We are seeing extremes between high mass consumerism and sustainable values"

But which styles are in demand for consumers? The market analyses of Dr. Ulla Ertelt are providing information on what and how which age and gender groups are shopping. According to the numbers, fashion is doing quite good at the moment. But the market of the middle is a shark tank. The comparability of prices on the internet is very important here. "Those who are able to be active on different channels will continue to grow." Especially the purchase behaviour of the young generation has changed. "It is completely normal nowadays to buy 20 items."