Düsseldorf's biggest trade party

Düsseldorf's biggest trade party

Wholesale flower market Düsseldorf becomes glamourous hotspot with Fashion Net Flower Market

Where tulips, lilies, roses or birds of paradise flowers are usually the centre of attention, the who is who of Germany's fashion industry was meetomg for a Come Together on Sunday. On the occasion of the CPD Ordering Days, Fashion Net & Friends invited yet again to the big trade party at wholesale flower market. The carpet in black & white, which led representatives of the fashion industry into the market hall, was forming a vitalising contrast to the flags in the windows that were shining in the colourful lights. Together with video installations showing organic smoke in bright shades of red and blue, the market hall turned into a pulsating Fashion Net Flower Market.

„Just as versatile as fashion, the Fashion Net & Friends Come Together had a new look this season", says Angelika Firnrohr, director Fashion Net Düsseldof e.V. and initiator of the event.

"We are happy to offer visitors and participants of the Ordering Days a relaxed closing of the CPD. The unique atmosphere of the wholesale flower market was the perfect platform for intensive conversation and a great party. My heartfelt thanks go to our hosts, who significantly made this great evening possible."

The most important fashion network of the Rhine metropolis already invited for the ninth time to the relaxed Come Together. Foodtrucks offered different culinary treats and the two djanes provided the right beats. Noteworthy were the numerous international guests that arrived at the Fashion Net Flower Market. Retailers and designers from all over Europe, remarkably from Hungary and Great Britain, celebrated successful Ordering Days with a total of 800 guests.

Besides Fashion Net, further top class hosts made this exclusive event possible: RABE MODEN, BRAX, BUGATTI, ETERNA, KÖ-BOGEN, SEIDENSTICKER, DIGEL, OLYMP, THE SUPREME GROUP, GERRY WEBER, TEXTILWIRTSCHAFT, ZERRES.