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© Managing Director Fashion Net Angelika Firnrohr

New CPD date: 5 questions to Angelika Firnrohr

Five questions addressed to Angelika Firnrohr on the current order situation in Düsseldorf.


    • How were the dates August 8 - 10 chosen for the CPD summer edition?
      In an intensive, weeks-long exchange with our members, showroom providers, clothing distributors, brands representatives and producers, we determined which dates would be the most suitable. The ordering week, August 5 to 12, extends beyond the main weekend of August 8 to 10. As an organization facilitating communication within the fashion community in Düsseldorf, our aim is to coordinate and strengthen the industry. We have used our industry network to provide retailers with support, despite the coronavirus situation. With these dates we are enabling a concentrated and clearly communicated opportunity for showroom ordering.


    • Who is affected by the new scheduling?
      The new ordering week is for the Düsseldorf showrooms. Because of the current decision concerning large events until the end of August, the trade fairs Gallery Fashion and Supreme will not be able to take place as usual. They are not affected by this scheduling and the trade fairs will take care of their own communication.  This year for the first time, there will unfortunately be no simultaneous showroom and trade-fair ordering, at least not on the currently communicated dates. However, ideas about initiating a follow-up are already afloat. Showrooms could potentially receive retailers again when the trade fairs take place, making this year’s ordering process as intensive and effective as possible.


    • The term CPD normally refers to trade-fair and ordering activities. It isn’t really applicable to the currently planned event, is that correct?
      That is correct. In these difficult and truly confusing times, we are trying to communicate as clearly as possible – in this case, “CPD” is not quite accurate, because the date only affects showrooms and not trade fairs. With over 600 showrooms, the majority of ordering is represented here.


    • What other strategic planning is in the works at Fashion Net?
      At the moment, we are working on a new name to replace “CPD” which is not accurate or up-to-date anymore. Under the new umbrella term to be decided on shortly, ideally ordering at trade fairs and in showrooms will again take place simultaneously. That is one of the great advantages of Düsseldorf compared to other locations, and one we want to preserve at all costs. I would like to emphasize that the coming order days will be an exception, designed to make a large share of ordering possible in order to support retailers. We are expecting the date in January 2021 to stand as communicated. Fashion Net is committed to strengthening the Düsseldorf location in a meaningful way – taking into account the various expectations and needs of the players here on site and facilitating communication.


    • Is the date final?
      Yes, the showroom ordering week is fixed and has already been communicated to all showrooms and the press. From August 5 - 12, Düsseldorf will become an order hotspot once again – with the main focus on the weekend of August 8 to 10.


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