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Garden Concept Store Golden Rabbit

All that travel, observing, reading, and reflecting was wonderful, but in her heart, Petra Wenzel knew that the time had come to reinvent herself and create something beautiful again.

That something is 'the Golden Rabbit'. For Wenzel, who spent 15 years directing the NRW-Forum in Dusseldorf with her colleague Werner Lippert, this is quite a change. Or is it?

Flingern, the urban hip and chic district of the German city of Dusseldorf, is set to become the new beating heart of the garden world. Just like the lovingly created exhibitions at the NRW-Forum, Zeitgeist, lifestyle, and trends will be the blood coursing through the veins of 'the Golden Rab-bit'. In a nutshell, the business idea behind the project is 'Germany's first concept store for garden lovers'. And for those who can't make it to Flingern, the shop will also be open online, stocking the very best garden tools produced by small, specialised manufacturers, as well as workwear for women, books, seeds, unusual and useful products, and endless inspi-ration. Wenzel's lifelong grand passion for the garden intertwined with her in-depth knowledge and love of art, design, fashion, and architecture have resulted in 'the Golden Rabbit', the first concept store for garden lovers. Its logo hints at these multiple passions: Albrecht Dürer's young hare in glamorous gold holding a hand fork and freshly harvested carrot.

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