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Bonalumi translates as “beautiful light” – a fitting name for the restaurant.

Bonalumi translates as “beautiful light” – a fitting name for the restaurant flooded by light which is located in Schadow Arkaden at Martin-Luther-Platz. With a traditional Mediterranean cuisine, urban interior and generous restaurant, bar and outdoor area, the restaurant is a popular attraction in the inner city.

The Düsseldorf gastronomer Dirk Fröhlich and co-shareholder Tiziana Kleine – former Bonalumi – are the names behind the concept: “Tiziana’s birth name is the Italian symbol of brightness and friendliness. She is in charge of the conception of the interior with the floor-to-ceiling windows, the light wood and the modern design elements, she is not only the perfect namesake for our restaurant, but also ideally realised the values we want to guarantee with out kitchen and service by the design”, says Fröhlich.

Chef Mancini is all for quality, freshness, and traditional preparation. Between the tasty pasta, fish and meat classics, finely prepared specialties of the cook from Abbruzzi can be found. Among them are gilthead beneath a truffles crust on spinach and the legendary home-made tiramisu served in a glass.

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