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CPD – Collection Première Düsseldorf

In September 2012, the management board of Fashion Net Düsseldorf e.V. together with the fashion industry and with the consent of Philipp Kronens, managing partner of the Igedo Company established CPD as the umbrella brand for the ordering periods in Düss

In addition, the dates for the ordering days at the beginning of February and the end of July will be mutually agreed upon by fashion industry’s market leaders and Fashion Net Düsseldorf e.V. and sent out via Fashion Net’s info tools.

The brand CPD lives up to how it is perceived internationally, because it has been alive for many years and is well known. In this context, Gerhard Weber managing director of GERRY WEBER International AG: “For a long time now, we have campaigned for Düsseldorf as a fashion location, so I particularly welcome this decision. Now we must work on successfully communicating the brand.”

Also Klaus Brinkmann, managing partner of Brinkmann GmbH Co. KG and managing director of Fashion Net is convinced: “Closing ranks on determining the dates and mutual consensus regarding the name of the brand promotes the reputation and image of Düsseldorf as a center of fashion.”

Through the diversity of its individual trade fairs, GALLERY, Supreme Women&Men Düsseldorf and DATE, the ordering centers Hall 29/30, the Düsseldorf Fashion House as well as the additional 800 showrooms, the city of Düsseldorf offers an unparalleled order platform in Europe.

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