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Summery kick-off to Düsseldorf Fashion Days:

DFD order date turns into a fashion and art festival

The Düsseldorf Fashion Days (DFD) will be held in Düsseldorf from July 21 to 28. The Order Days, which are so important for the fashion industry, are now being turned into a festival for everyone for the first time: for Düsseldorfer citizens, tourists, the international trade public, and all fashion enthusiasts.

Water installation, fashion shows, and concerts in the shop window: The first Düsseldorf fashion and art festival during the order days.

With a colorful mix of fashion, art, and music, more than 150 stakeholders from retail and gastronomy sectors, as well as galleries, hotels and the creative scene, will assure a truly special shopping experience.

The main event is the designated "Shopping Day" on July 24, with extended opening hours until 10 pm. Pop-up shop windows invite passers into artfully crafted fashion worlds. Open-air platforms along the Königsallee offer the opportunity to capture the shopping spree photographically. Well-known shopping locations host concerts in the shop window, others plan music events and other specials in the shop.


"Fashion turns into a meeting place and promotes networking in the city!" (Theresa Winkels, Economic Development of the city of Düsseldorf)

"Düsseldorf is still the strongest order location in Germany. That an entire lifestyle festival can now be established around DFD underlines the relevance of the fashion capital." (Angelika Firnrohr, Managing Director Fashion Net Düsseldorf)


The grand finale of the “Shopping Day” will be an artfully staged water projection along Königsallee and the Kö-Bogen – two hot spots in the heart of Düsseldorf.

Simultaneously with the Düsseldorf Fashion Days, the festival strike a pose will take place from 23 to 25 July – a true premiere. The event combines the two Düsseldorf focal points of fashion and art. Galleries in the Düsseldorf city area will showcase collaborations between artists, designers and labels from the art and fashion scene.

Together with the city's economic development agency, Fashion Net is developing the concept of the Düsseldorf Fashion Days festivals in cooperation with Düsseldorf Marketing and Düsseldorf Tourismus. All activities are coordinated with the Düsseldorf regulatory authorities and are adapted to the Corona Protection Ordinance depending on the infection situation.

All DFD services, provided by Fashion Net Düsseldorf can be found here.

© Andreas Endermann
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